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A recent investigation by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) found that lots of people in the UK have been hit with hidden charges on car loans, especially Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) deals. It turns out, approximately 8 out of 10 cars bought through these deals have overcharged customers so dealers can pocket more commission.

Got a Car on Finance?

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If you've financed a car through PCP or a car loan, you might've paid more than you should've. We can help you claim back thousands of pounds if:

  • You weren't told about other finance options.
  • The dealership didn't tell you about the commission they were getting.
  • You weren't warned about fees for ending the contract early.
  • You were misled about interest rates.
  • You got bad advice on how much the car would be worth at the end of the deal.


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Contentious Probate
Contentious Probate

Were you unexpectedly cut out of a will by a relative, stepparent, or close family friend?

If you've been unexpectedly deprived of your anticipatedinheritance due to a will change you weren't aware of?

If a will was changed under pressure or when the person lacked mental capacity
Irresponsible Lending
Irresponsible Lending

Our free checks will establish if you have fallen victim to undisclosed commissions and/or other irresponsible lending practices.

If you have signed up for a store or credit card or taken out a loan - short (such as pay day loan) or longer term (secured or unsecured loan or mortgage)?

Wills and Probate
Wills and Probate
Did you know that a staggering 61% of British adults don’t have a will? Unlike what some people might think, making a will isn't just for the filthy rich; it'sabout making sure your loved ones are taken care of
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Easier and faster access to justice

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Stretch and save your  money

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Prevent firms from taking advantage of you