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Are you tired of feeling cheated by hidden fees? Plevin claims shed light on shady financial practices, giving power back to consumers like you. Imagine this: You sign up for a loan or insurance, thinking you're getting a fair deal, only to discover later that a chunk of your hard-earned money went into someone else's pocket without your knowledge.

Take the case of Mrs. Susan Plevin. She fought against Paragon Personal Finance and won. Why? Because she wasn't informed about a whopping 71.8% commission secretly paid to a broker. That's not fair, right? And it's not just Mrs. Plevin – many others might be in the same boat.

Here's where you come in. If you've bought payment protection insurance (PPI), got a partial refund, or weren't told about sneaky commissions, you might have a case too. Don't let these financial giants get away with it!

The best part? There's no deadline like with PPI claims. And you don't have to go at it alone. Justizia is here to help. With us, it's simple: No Win, No Fee. You only pay when we win your rightful compensation. 

Commission taken on PPI was often in excess of 70% of the premiums. The Plevin ruling allows anyone who was charged excessive commission which was not disclosed to them to bring forward a claim for repayment of all premiums and interest.

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Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the most common questions asked about Plevin PPI. Click each question to reveal the answer.

What does it cost?

Throughout the case we will work on a “no win-no fee” basis. This means that unless you receive a settlement you will not have to pay anything. As with any legal case there will be disbursements that we have to pay out. Again, you will not have to pay these because we have secured funding from a company specially set up to deal with cases like these.

What is Plevin PPI?

The Plevin PPI case started when Mrs Plevin was sold a PPI policy to cover a secured loan in 2006. She then claimed that the company she took the policy out with was treating her unfairly, due to:

  • The percentage of commission they were earning from her PPI premiums each month.
  • The fact the company did NOT disclose the commissions to Mrs Plevin.

In November 2014, she took a claim to the Supreme Court and they ruled that failure by the lender to disclose the large commissions they received from her PPI premiums was the act of an unfair relationship between her and the lender This meant that a redress was awarded to Mrs Plevin.

What if I already made a PPI claim, can you help me?

If you made a PPI claim previously and your lender offered you a full refund, they were required to put you in the position as if the PPI had not been sold to you. This meaning, the commission was already refunded and you cannot claim again on Plevin PPI. If you weren't awarded compensation despite your lender defending your PPI claim, or you have not previously made a PPI claim, we may be able to help you make a Plevin PPI claim.

Plevin PPI claim vs mis-sold PPI: What are the difference?

While a Plevin PPI declare is made in honor of the sale of a PPI policy, the premise of the declare and claims course are completely different to a mis-sold PPI claim. Even in case your PPI coverage was not mis-sold, your Plevin PPI claim might be successful! Historically, when lenders offered PPI they did not pass on the fee they received, which was taken out of the PPI premiums paid by consumers. So while customers may have thought the premiums had been for his or her cover, a few of it was really fee paid to the lenders for the sale of the PPI policies. A lender's failure to reveal fees could have created an unfair relationship with the consumer.

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Did your PPI premiums include high commissions?

  • Shockingly, 83% of people are unaware of the option to make a Plevin PPI claim.
  • Some lenders took up to 80% of PPI premiums as commission!
  • You could recover £100s in compensation by making a Plevin PPI claim.

Even if your PPI policy wasn't mis-sold, you could still make a Plevin PPI claim and potentially recover compensation.

The best way to find out if you have a valid claim is to complete a Plevin PPI check. Don't worry, it's free and 100% no obligation.