Our Promises

At Justizia, we believe strong partnerships are the key to successful legal interactions. We want to be the firm you can depend on, which is why we take the time to build personal relationships with our clients, legal experts, investors, and our amazing team. 

Justizia and our Clients

We work closely with our clients to make sure we always understand what they need. They trust us to look after their consumer rights, and we work every day to earn that trust. 

Our Pledge to our Clients

  • We promise to have your back when it comes to spotting any unfair dealings with financial products and services. We'll make sure everything is clear and straightforward as we help you through the whole process.
  • Our investigations will be done carefully, following all the rules about data protection (GDPR) and legal standards (SRA) to protect your rights and privacy.
  • You can count on us to keep you in the loop with regular updates about any chances to get back money or save on costs through our services.
  • Your privacy matters to us. All the information we gather, as outlined in our privacy policy, are kept safe in our systems. This helps us find the best services for you.
  • To make things run smoothly, we'll need your help. That means letting us check your credit report, keeping up with any possible claims, giving us extra info when you can, and allowing us to talk to the companies involved in your case. Together, we’ll secure justice and your financial well-being.

Your Pledge to Justizia

  • I promise to help Justizia find any unfair practices related to the financial products and services I've been sold.
  • I understand Justizia will conduct in depth investigations while keeping in line with GDPR and SRA compliance standards.  
  • I expect to hear from Justizia regularly about any chances to get back my money or save on costs.
  • I understand that Justizia will keep my private information safe in their systems and use it to find the right services for me.
  • To make things work smoothly, I'll let Justizia check my credit report, keep up with any possible claims, give them extra info when I can, and let them talk to the companies involved in my case.

Justizia and Leading Experts

Two heads are often better than one. When we team up with experts in different fields, we get to solve problems together using our combined knowledge. We pick experts who share our commitment to make legal and financial stuff easier to understand. 

Our Pledge to Leading Experts

  • We will respect and value your expertise, appreciating the valuable input you bring to our legal team.
  • We acknowledge your willingness to work with us and share your insights to achieve the best results for our clients.
  • We promise clear and timely communication to ensure top-notch service for our clients.
  • We uphold the highest ethical standards in our work, as you do, maintaining integrity and professionalism.
  • We're committed to staying updated on legal developments, fostering a culture of ongoing learning.

Your Pledge to Justizia

  • We promise to use our specialised knowledge to tackle legal challenges with thorough understanding and strategic thinking.
  • We will maintain transparent communication, providing updates and insights to enable informed decision-making.
  • We pledge to work collaboratively with Justizia's team, knowing that teamwork leads to success.
  • Upholding integrity and ethics, we promise to maintain professionalism in all legal matters.
  • We prioritise our clients' needs, aiming to provide legal solutions that exceed their expectations.

Justizia and Investors

We've got a great relationship with our investors. They trust us and share our goals, especially since legal aid in the UK has changed. They're a big part of helping our clients get the justice they deserve.

Our Pledge to Investors

  • We promise to carefully manage the resources provided by our investors. We'll create value and make a positive impact as we work to give people access to legal help.
  • We're committed to being open and honest about our firm’s performance. We'll regularly share updates on how our finances are looking, what strategies we're using, and what results we're achieving with our investors.
  • Our main focus is always our clients. We promise to prioritise giving them easy access to top-quality legal services. And we'll make sure that what we're doing with our investors' money directly helps our clients.
  • Because the legal world is always changing, we promise to be flexible and resilient. We'll keep up with what's happening in the law and adjust our plans as needed. This way, our partnership with our investors can keep on helping us provide important legal services.
  • We see our relationship with investors as a team effort. We promise to create an environment where we both grow together. By sharing our successes and working through challenges together, we aim to make both parties successful in the long run.

Your Pledge to Justizia

  • We promise to fully support Justizia's mission. Our support goes beyond financial backing – we want to help the firm keep providing accessible legal services.
  • We promise to be open and honest in our communication with Justizia. This way, we can understand each other better and work towards our common goals.
  • Our goals are closely tied to Justizia's mission of making legal help available to everyone. We promise to align our objectives with the firm's vision. This means we'll help achieve goals that focus on accessibility, fairness, and empowering clients.
  • We know the legal world is always changing, so we promise to change along with Justizia. We'll help tackle challenges and make the most of opportunities. This way, Justizia can keep doing its job well.
  • Our pledge also includes building a long-lasting partnership with Justizia. Through ongoing conversations, careful planning, and a shared dedication to our mission, we want to help the firm stay successful and keep playing its vital role in the legal world.

Justizia and Our Team

In our team, working together is key. We bring together, and empower, lots of different talents to make sure our clients get the best service possible. 

Our Pledge to Our Team

  • We value transparency and promise to cultivate a workplace where everyone can talk openly and share their ideas. 
  • We'll celebrate how different and talented each team member is. Everyone's skills make us stronger, and we'll respect and appreciate each other's unique perspectives.
  • We'll help each team member reach their potential. We'll give them what they need to grow professionally so they can excel in their roles.
  • Our team's success depends on all of us working together towards the same goals. We'll all work hard to give our clients and Justizia the best results.
  • We know that there's no end to learning and improving. We'll keep trying new things and learning to be even better at what we do.

Your Pledge to Justizia

  • We promise to work together as a team at Justizia, sharing our ideas and efforts to make our workplace successful.
  • We'll respect and value each other's different skills and viewpoints; we know they make our team stronger.
  • We know how important it is to deliver great service. We'll always do our best to help our team give high-quality legal help.
  • We'll align our own goals with Justizia’s. This means we'll all help make Justizia successful together.
  • We'll keep learning and getting better at what we do. Learning helps us serve our clients and our team better.