Mortgage Prisoners

Mortgage Prisoners refers to mortgage borrowers who were unfairly trapped on high interest rates after their lenders were nationalised following the 2008 financial crisis and their mortgage loans sold to closed book” lenders. This means that their mortgage is now held with an inactive lender that is not authorised to offer new mortgages. This makes it almost impossible for Mortgage Prisoners to remortgage or get a cheaper interest rate as other lenders won’t accept them. They have no choice but to pay the high rates or risk losing their home. 

You may be able to claim if you currently have, or have had, a mortgage serviced by one of the lenders listed below:

  • Heliodor Mortgages
  • Landmark Mortgages
  • NRAM
  • Whistletree

...and you either haven’t renewed your mortgage or didn’t renew your mortgage more than six years ago.

Simply fill out the form and we will let you know whether you can claim.

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