Your Consumer Rights,
Our Priority.

Seeking justice for consumer rights violations has never been easier with the range of services we provide to individuals and businesses alike.

And that's just the start...

Our Services

Our services are specially selected to help identify if you’ve ever been;

  • On the wrong end of some poor advice.
  • Overcharged for an energy contract.
  • Misled by an advisor, broker or lender.
  • Mis-sold a financial product or service.
  • Subjected to irresponsible lender behaviour.

How Can We Help?

We are constantly looking for new ways in which we can look out for you and your financial wellbeing.
Which is why we are dedicated to helping our clients in the following areas (and more!):

Car Finance


Secured Loans





We operate in the following areas of law:

Contentious Probate
Contentious Probate
Any legal dispute relating to the administration of someone else’s estate when they die.
Personal Pension Claims
Personal Pension Claims
Financial firms and advisers gave out misleading information to those seeking pension advice.
Irresponsible Lending
Irresponsible Lending
When a lender approves a credit agreement without adequately assessing whether you can afford it or not.
Mis-sold Investments
Mis-sold Investments
If your Financial Advisor suggested moving your funds from secure pensions to invest in an UCIS, we can assist you.

Why Choose Us?

"Just Easier" is not just a vision; it's our ongoing commitment to simplifying the complexities of legal and financial services. We strive to streamline everything within our control, ensuring a future that is Just Easier to engage with, understand, work with, work for, and deliver and receive exceptional service. Just Easier is about adding value, being valued, staying on track, and being a part of something greater.

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